Quality Control

Puente Hills Landfill Waste has a number of Quality Control Systems in place to ensure that all works undertaken will meet the requirements of the contract.

  1. Our company director, Company, manager and employees liaise directly with the appropriate council personnel , to ensure that issues can be resolved promptly, to the satisfaction of all parties, and that all requirements of the contract will be met
  2. Our Company Director &/or Company Manager are available to meet with Council, to discuss any issues that may arise from time to time;
  3. All employees are supervised by our Company Manager, to ensure that correct procedures are being carried out. Staff performance is regularly evaluated;
  4. All Employees hold the necessary licenses and are trained properly to operate collection vehicles in a safe and efficient manner;
  5. All employees are familiar with our Occupational Safety & Health Procedures;
  6. We maintain a fully staffed office from Monday to Friday, to ensure that any enquiries can be dealt with promptly;
  7. All personnel are fully inducted into the operating business as a normal part of their orientation program;
  8. All vehicles have mobile phones for ease of contact, to resolve any issues that may arise in a timely manner;
  9. Our collection vehicles are kept clean and properly serviced, to ensure a well presented and efficient collection service; and
  10. In the event of a breakdown, we have back-up vehicles available. Our mechanics are available to liaise with our drivers to fix problems on the spot or can be sent to site to attend to a breakdown. We also have back-up drivers available, to cover annual leave, sick leave and unforeseen circumstances.

Puente Hills Landfill Waste prides itself on its demonstrated safety record. Our employees are our most important asset and their safety is paramount. All employees are properly trained in the use of the specialized equipment and of occupational safety and health requirements. We have not had a serious accident or incident during our 15 years of operation.

Puente Hills Landfill waste operates a number of management systems in an endeavour to ensure that operations proceed safely, effectively and efficiently. While these systems are summarised in this tender response, we would welcome the opportunity to expand and discuss them with Council in greater detail.

Quality Policy

Puente Hills Landfill Waste is dedicated to providing quality waste disposal services with trained personnel. Our aims are to:

  • Consistently provide a high level of measurable quality service to our customers.
  • Meet customer needs and generate and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Provide a safe and health-conscious workplace that does not place our employees, contractors, customers, or the general public at risk of injury or illness or our property at risk of damage.

Quality Objectives

The following quality objectives flow from our Quality Policy and represent what we are trying to achieve by implementing a quality management system:

  • Quality Objective 1: All of our personnel will have undergone an induction in their responsibilities, relevant health and safety requirements, and work procedures;
  • Quality Objective 2: All of our personnel will have an annual employee review to ensure the qualifications and experience they possess remain current, valid and relevant to the tasks they are performing at that time;
  • Quality Objective 3: Increase customer satisfaction with our waste disposal services;
  • Quality Objective 4: Increase the knowledge of all of our personnel in the requirements of the quality management system and encourage participation at all times;
  • Quality Objective 5: All customer complaints will be resolved in their entirety within a seven-day timeframe wherever possible; and
  • Quality Objective 6: To apply meaningful measures to all services relating to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of our processes.