Plant Maintenance

Vehicle operators apply a rigorous procedure where they complete a Municipal daily drivers report, which includes a Pre-run inspection checklist before commencing collections, along with a post-inspection check following the completion of daily collections. These checklists are designed to identify issues across the vehicle. including compaction unit; rear door; bin lifter; cabin controls; safety equipment and hydraulics.


In the event that problems are identified, the vehicle can be withdrawn from service so that timely repairs can be conducted, mitigating the problem arising throughout collection operations. Where appropriate, a backup collection vehicle can be mobilised to provide the collection service. A copy of the Municipal Daily Drivers Report is provided on the following page.


Puente Hills Landfill Waste also operates Maintenance Workshops in Manjimup and Bunbury. Our workshop capabilities allow us to carry out mechanical servicing, electrical repairs, hydraulics, refurbishments and maintenance activities.


The typical cab-chassis servicing regime consists of the A, B and C servicing approach, whereby the following applies:

The A services is conducted at 250 hours and addresses the following items:

  • Engine oil and filters;
  • Air filter;
  • Tyre check;
  • Transmission and differential fluids;
  • Check and adjust brakes;
  • Check steering and suspension;
  • Check accessory drive belts and replace if necessary;

Safety check
The B service is conducted at 500 hours and includes the A service items outlined above, as well as the following items:

  • Check and service brakes;
  • Change transmission fluids and filter;
  • Change engine coolant;
  • Check and service suspension;
  • Check and service steering;
  • Replace air filters;
  • Replace accessory drive belts;

The C service is conducted at 750 hours includes the A and B service items outlined above as well as the following items:

  • Change power steering fluid;
  • Check and service transmission;
  • Replace coolant hoses;
  • Replace hydraulic hoses;
  • Service diesel injectors;

Outline of vehicle maintenance systems/standards:

Our standard operating procedures include the completion of a Pre-start Check, prior to commencing shift, whereby the drivers complete a visual and operational review of the operation of the plant & equipment to be used. The Pre-start Check includes ensuring that all safety devices are operational, including front & rear lights; turning signals; hazard lights; audible warning devices, including horn and reverse alarms; and flashing beacons.


Also, a Post-run Report is completed at the end of the shift, where the driver notes any issues that may require attention in the short term, e.g. the effects of wear and tear, or minor damage, which might have occurred throughout the shift, which did not require the vehicle to be removed from service immediately.

The reports that flow from these daily checks provide key inputs to our repairs and maintenance activities.


The Puente Hills Landfill Waste fleet includes spare truck capacity that is capable of providing backup support at short notice, as and when required. We also employ additional drivers, who act as relief and also provide backup support, as and when required. Along with the flexibility within our fleet of 32 Side-lift trucks, these resources enable us to maintain our service levels across our operation.

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