How we provide quality customer service

Customer Service Charter

Puente Hill Landfill is committed to providing high quality waste disposal/management services. Our future success depends on the continuous improvement of all aspects of our customer service delivery. We will achieve this by encouraging our customers to provide feedback to us on the services we provide.

This means at all times:

  • Customers will be treated with courtesy and consideration and our staff will be helpful and respectful
  • Customer questions and needs will be attended to promptly
  • We will exercise the utmost integrity in the services we provide

Resources Available

To make communication with us easy, we use single point of contact for customers as this helps to maintain consistency in lines of communication and avoids occurrences of misinformation resulting from the same query being directed to several different people and locations.

Recording System Used

Each customer and contract has an individual project file set up on our computer system. All correspondence, feedback, comments etc., received from the customer is recorded and captured in one specific folder only.

Means of communication with customers

Communications with customers is determined by each customer, dependant on the situation and therefore the reason for or purpose of the communication. It can be verbal or written, either by facsimile or mailed letter.

Response Times

We respond to customer requests or queries as quickly as possible and are available for contact 52 weeks of the year.

Issue Management

The only ‘issues’ that have occurred is when a kerb-side bin has not been picked up. This results in the relevant Shire representative contacting us and informing us of the situation. In all instances where this has occurred, we return as soon as possible and pick up the bin without question.

We are open to communication from any of our customers. If they have an issue either with the services we are providing or with their own facilities, we will strive to help rectify the issue as soon as possible. As all staff members reside in the local region, we are able to offer 24 hour, 7 days a week access to our services.

Competency and Track Record

Our level of competency is reflected considerably in our track record. We win service tender contracts for many Shires and have done so since 1988. Our continued servicing of these contracts over the years that followed is entirely due to our proven track record in our ability to adhere to a strict time schedule in collecting the stated bins.

This is what the relevant Shires evaluate us on and we have consistently provided the services as required and specified by each contract. The reason we have been able to retain each contract and continue the required services is wholly attributed to this consistence in competency.

Sound Judgment and Discretion

We demonstrate our judgment by the contracts we service. We are aware of our resource capabilities and therefore the type/s of contract we can service in a satisfactory manner. We are a regional company and aim to service the regional areas only and not expand beyond what we are able to effectively handle with the resources we have available. In doing so, we ensure that our efforts can be concentrated on providing and maintaining an extremely high level of service to the contracts we do take on.

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