What An Asbestos Testing in Brisbane Can Do For You

There are many reasons to have asbestos testing in Brisbane. Some reasons are business-related, while others are personal. Regardless of the reason, this service is invaluable in Brisbane and around Australia. So, here’s a brief look at what an asbestos inspection in Brisbane can do for you.

Asbestos Testing is necessary if you own a building with any asbestos in it. If there is any type of contamination in the air (dust, fumes, smoke), or if the building is one that may be unsafe to live in, it’s also important to inspect your building. The state regulations in Queensland require that each company that has asbestos removal done perform an asbestos inspection before they begin any asbestos removal. For a detailed explanation of what these inspections involve, check out the Queensland laws.

In addition to finding out if asbestos is present in your building, an asbestos inspection also finds out what the asbestos is made up of and how old it is. Asbestos in Portland cement and roofing is almost always found during an asbestos inspection. Not only is it always removed; it’s also identified by how it was spread.

A licensed asbestos inspector will always inform you about what type of asbestos contamination exists and what is present. Some of the most common types of asbestos include:

When you hear the words “dangerous asbestos”, “low-grade asbestos” it means that you are being exposed to asbestos, whether you know it or not. Even those items that are labelled as non-asbestos are still potentially dangerous. You will find that all of the asbestos particles present in these items are within a very small area of each item.

The cost of an asbestos inspector in Brisbane is generally expensive. Depending on where you are located, the cost of the inspection may be close to or beyond the average homeowners budget. That doesn’t mean that asbestos inspection services are any less necessary.

In order to be sure that you aren’t exposed to asbestos, you must be tested for asbestos. However, it isn’t easy to know if you are not. Even those individuals who are tested usually don’t know for sure whether they were contaminated with asbestos. However, if you are asked for a test, you are already in danger.

If you are uncertain whether or not you were exposed to asbestos during your time working in your building, it is imperative that you get an asbestos inspection performed. An inspector can tell you exactly what you may have been exposed to. Asbestos removal professionals have a wealth of knowledge about what they are doing. An asbestos inspector can also advise you about the type of asbestos present in the building and how to make the most of any solutions that may be available.

Before hiring a Portland cement, Portland roofing, or asbestos removal company, you should always first contact your healthcare provider. They will be able to tell you if you are at risk. The risk is based on the concentration of asbestos fibres in your system.

Asbestos exposure is irreversible and can lead to various health issues, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, asbestosis sarcoma, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, and pleurisy. While most of these illnesses are treatable, some are more difficult to treat.

The public is becoming more aware of the dangers of asbestos, but many homeowners and contractors are not aware of the dangers that can be caused by inhaling asbestos fibres. Asbestos testing and a high-quality asbestos removal company can help ensure that you aren’t exposed to asbestos, even if you are living in your building.

If you suspect that you may have been exposed to asbestos, you should call an asbestos inspector in Brisbane. If you don’t have an asbestos inspector, you should ask your home improvement or renovation contractor to ask them about their experiences with asbestos.

Using a Meth Testing Brisbane Service For the Best Quality Services

possible. Your life and well being are worth your money so make sure that you find a company that will give you the best quality and the best service at the lowest cost.

There are several companies that offer services in different places in Australia. The best way to find a Meth Cleaning Brisbane company is to go online and look for a service or product that you need. Then, simply start looking for a Meth Inspection Brisbane service or product that you think is best.

Once you have found the product or service that you need, the next step is to choose the Meth Testing Brisbane service that you are going to use. Many companies offer services to their customers in different places across Australia so look around until you find the one that fits your needs.

With the use of the internet you should be able to find the right website right away. Then, you can simply type in the name of the Meth Cleaning Brisbane company that you have found. It is important to find a company that will give you the best quality service so you need to be sure that the website is safe and secure.

When you have found the right company and the best quality instant meth testing, the next step is to find out how much it will cost you to get a Meth Cleaning Brisbane service. You should have no problem finding a price that will fit your budget and your needs. It will help if you do some price comparison shopping when you are looking for the right service or product.

After you have found the company that will give you the service that you need, you should contact them and get an estimate. Then, once you know the costs of the service you will be happy with the price that they will charge you. Then, you can work out how much money you want to spend. The most important thing when you are getting a service from a company is to make sure that you trust them. If you don’t trust the company you are working with, you will never make any money from them. That is why it is important to find a service that you trust before you hire them.

A great thing about using a Meth Cleaning Brisbane service is that they will get rid of the risk of mold or a toxic smell that you can find in a lot of other cleaning products. They will remove all the unwanted debris and smells from your carpet, your walls, and your furniture. This is one of the best benefits of using a Meth Inspection Brisbane service.

It will also help if you have a kitchen, bathroom, or garage that has a lot of furniture and heavy equipment. If you use any kind of cleaning product in these areas, then you are taking a huge risk. So, when you hire a meth testing service that is good at removing mold and the smell that comes with it, then you can be sure that your health is not in danger.

A great benefit that you can get from a Meth Cleaning Brisbane service is that they will give you a meth lab cleaning services. If you need something done, then you can get your house cleaned up without spending any money at all. If you want to get the most out of your carpet cleaning service, then you will need to ask for their free report.

When you get your report of meth testing, then you can start to look at different ways that you can save money on your carpet cleaning, your flooring, or any other cleaning product that you use. You can then apply some of the ideas that you find to your own cleaning habits so that you can make your home better. It is always important to find a service that can provide you with the best quality service for the lowest cost. It is always important to look for a service that is rated on price comparison websites. This way you can make sure that you are choosing the best company for the lowest cost.

Asbestos testing services

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos waste removal offers a full spectrum of asbestos testing services to help homeowners easily detect potential asbestos defects in their homes. Everything from Chrysotile, Amosite to Crocidolite, evaluating the asbestos in your home can achieve the aim and overall goals of the relevant regulatory standard. By doing that, you will be able to fast track the renovation or demolition process in your home. Our experts are capable of  isolating, identifying and quantifying the materials found in various kinds of asbestos.

Perhaps your home was constructed in Sydney or Melbourne before 1990; it’s crucial for you to be informed that there are great chances that your asbestos will contain some forms of asbestos materials. Subscribing to our asbestos inspection service save you thousands of dollars when you’re embarking on a renovation or demolition project.

Your satisfaction is highly guaranteed.

Contact us today.

Asbestos Testing Methods

To experience quality asbestos inspection services, you need to opt-in for a laboratory testing option rather than doing that with your naked eyes. This complies with Australian Standard AS 4964.   Our laboratory is equipped to enable us to examine asbestos properly. Through our polarized microscope, we can subject available fibres to different conditions for us to ascertain the kind of asbestos in your building.

Results of Asbestos Asbestos Testing

The results of our asbestos testing service are efficient enough to provide you with adequate information regarding the kind of asbestos in your building. The asbestos types are categorized into :

  • Chrysotile (white asbestos)
    • Amosite (brown asbestos)
    • Crocidolite (blue asbestos)

Sending Samples for Asbestos Testing

Here are the guidelines needed for executing the asbestos testing service :

  • Endeavor to wear a P2 respirator from the local hardware store
    • Check the material and kindly remove a small section (approx. 20 cent piece)
    • Place into a clear ziplock bag or similar and then into another bag again
    • Apply PVA glue to the edge of where the sample was taken

In a situation where the material makes it difficult for you to collect samples for the testing service, kindly contact us immediately. We are always ready to assist you.

Please be informed that the results of the asbestos testing service are meant to evaluate the availability of asbestos in your sample materials. The result is not meant to provide a risk assessment service.

For inquiries or order placement, feel free to contact us now.

How we provide quality customer service

Customer Service Charter

Puente Hill Landfill is committed to providing high quality waste disposal/management services. Our future success depends on the continuous improvement of all aspects of our customer service delivery. We will achieve this by encouraging our customers to provide feedback to us on the services we provide.

This means at all times:

  • Customers will be treated with courtesy and consideration and our staff will be helpful and respectful
  • Customer questions and needs will be attended to promptly
  • We will exercise the utmost integrity in the services we provide

Resources Available

To make communication with us easy, we use single point of contact for customers as this helps to maintain consistency in lines of communication and avoids occurrences of misinformation resulting from the same query being directed to several different people and locations.

Recording System Used

Each customer and contract has an individual project file set up on our computer system. All correspondence, feedback, comments etc., received from the customer is recorded and captured in one specific folder only.

Means of communication with customers

Communications with customers is determined by each customer, dependant on the situation and therefore the reason for or purpose of the communication. It can be verbal or written, either by facsimile or mailed letter.

Response Times

We respond to customer requests or queries as quickly as possible and are available for contact 52 weeks of the year.

Issue Management

The only ‘issues’ that have occurred is when a kerb-side bin has not been picked up. This results in the relevant Shire representative contacting us and informing us of the situation. In all instances where this has occurred, we return as soon as possible and pick up the bin without question.

We are open to communication from any of our customers. If they have an issue either with the services we are providing or with their own facilities, we will strive to help rectify the issue as soon as possible. As all staff members reside in the local region, we are able to offer 24 hour, 7 days a week access to our services.

Competency and Track Record

Our level of competency is reflected considerably in our track record. We win service tender contracts for many Shires and have done so since 1988. Our continued servicing of these contracts over the years that followed is entirely due to our proven track record in our ability to adhere to a strict time schedule in collecting the stated bins.

This is what the relevant Shires evaluate us on and we have consistently provided the services as required and specified by each contract. The reason we have been able to retain each contract and continue the required services is wholly attributed to this consistence in competency.

Sound Judgment and Discretion

We demonstrate our judgment by the contracts we service. We are aware of our resource capabilities and therefore the type/s of contract we can service in a satisfactory manner. We are a regional company and aim to service the regional areas only and not expand beyond what we are able to effectively handle with the resources we have available. In doing so, we ensure that our efforts can be concentrated on providing and maintaining an extremely high level of service to the contracts we do take on.

Plant Maintenance

Vehicle operators apply a rigorous procedure where they complete a Municipal daily drivers report, which includes a Pre-run inspection checklist before commencing collections, along with a post-inspection check following the completion of daily collections. These checklists are designed to identify issues across the vehicle. including compaction unit; rear door; bin lifter; cabin controls; safety equipment and hydraulics.


In the event that problems are identified, the vehicle can be withdrawn from service so that timely repairs can be conducted, mitigating the problem arising throughout collection operations. Where appropriate, a backup collection vehicle can be mobilised to provide the collection service. A copy of the Municipal Daily Drivers Report is provided on the following page.


Puente Hills Landfill Waste also operates Maintenance Workshops in Manjimup and Bunbury. Our workshop capabilities allow us to carry out mechanical servicing, electrical repairs, hydraulics, refurbishments and maintenance activities.


The typical cab-chassis servicing regime consists of the A, B and C servicing approach, whereby the following applies:

The A services is conducted at 250 hours and addresses the following items:

  • Engine oil and filters;
  • Air filter;
  • Tyre check;
  • Transmission and differential fluids;
  • Check and adjust brakes;
  • Check steering and suspension;
  • Check accessory drive belts and replace if necessary;

Safety check
The B service is conducted at 500 hours and includes the A service items outlined above, as well as the following items:

  • Check and service brakes;
  • Change transmission fluids and filter;
  • Change engine coolant;
  • Check and service suspension;
  • Check and service steering;
  • Replace air filters;
  • Replace accessory drive belts;

The C service is conducted at 750 hours includes the A and B service items outlined above as well as the following items:

  • Change power steering fluid;
  • Check and service transmission;
  • Replace coolant hoses;
  • Replace hydraulic hoses;
  • Service diesel injectors;

Outline of vehicle maintenance systems/standards:

Our standard operating procedures include the completion of a Pre-start Check, prior to commencing shift, whereby the drivers complete a visual and operational review of the operation of the plant & equipment to be used. The Pre-start Check includes ensuring that all safety devices are operational, including front & rear lights; turning signals; hazard lights; audible warning devices, including horn and reverse alarms; and flashing beacons.


Also, a Post-run Report is completed at the end of the shift, where the driver notes any issues that may require attention in the short term, e.g. the effects of wear and tear, or minor damage, which might have occurred throughout the shift, which did not require the vehicle to be removed from service immediately.

The reports that flow from these daily checks provide key inputs to our repairs and maintenance activities.


The Puente Hills Landfill Waste fleet includes spare truck capacity that is capable of providing backup support at short notice, as and when required. We also employ additional drivers, who act as relief and also provide backup support, as and when required. Along with the flexibility within our fleet of 32 Side-lift trucks, these resources enable us to maintain our service levels across our operation.

A Green Problem


Asbestos waste removal is not cheap, but thankfully here in Australia we have higher disposal standard, it than many other developed nations. As a result of council regulations, this means that the proper treatment and disposal of asbestos can be a hassle. Some older houses have actually been constructed using panels containing asbestos, such as drywalls, ceilings, fibro, weatherboard, by the 1970s building materials had begun the phase out of asbestos, and by the 1980s it was phased out almost completely.

The implications of this, are, that if your house was built prior to the 1970s there is a greater chance of you having products containing asbestos in the materials used in the construction of your house. According to House Demolition Brisbane, If you suspect that a panel might contain asbestos don’t break or scratch it to check, because this is when asbestos actually becomes dangerous. If you suspect you might have asbestos in your house, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to advise you.

Recyclable Products

It might surprise you to know, that quite a bit of what we send to the tip can actually either be saved, salvaged, or scrapped (that is gathered with other metals, or wood to be recycled). Here is a little list of things that have been historically difficult to recycle, some because they are only relatively new products.

  • Computer parts – These are often melted down and the gold extracted from the circuitry
  • Car batteries
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Textiles

 We look forward to taking your waste to a better place.