Month: August 2018

How we provide quality customer service

Customer Service Charter Puente Hill Landfill is committed to providing high quality waste disposal/management services. Our future success depends on the continuous improvement of all aspects of our customer service delivery. We will achieve this by encouraging our customers to provide feedback to us on the services we provide. This means at all times: Customers [Continue]

Plant Maintenance

Vehicle operators apply a rigorous procedure where they complete a Municipal daily drivers report, which includes a Pre- run inspection checklist before commencing collections, along with a post inspection check following the completion of daily collections. These checklists are designed to identify issues across the vehicle. including: compaction unit; rear door; bin lifter; cabin controls; [Continue]

A Green Problem

Asbestos Asbestos waste removal is not cheap, but thankfully here in Australia we have higher disposal standard, it than many other developed nations. As a result of council regulations, this means that the proper treatment and disposal of asbestos can be a hassle. Some older houses have actually been constructed using panels containing asbestos, such [Continue]